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My home page basically says most about me in a nut shell but ill go more in-depth for those of you who want to know me better. LIke i said i spent my whole life in the same house in Charlotte. I dont live in a neighborhood just on a road with 2 houses and a big buisness, Truzler, its a textile place or sumthing. In fact this house has been in my family for many generations, were the fith family to live in our house, and i do believe its haunted.....no seriously. If you ask any of my friends what is the thing that i love the most they would all say   "PLANES" with no hesitation. I have had an intrest in them for as long as i can remember. About 4 or 5 years ago i started flying remote controlled airplanes. I started off with small electric planes and worked my way up. Now i am building planes with 8 foot wingspans and powered by small gasoline motors. I even used to take flying lessons but i couldnt afford the two hobbies so i chose the models. I built up 8 1/2 hours of flying and was close to soloing. My other intrest is the outdoors, i love to go camping and fishing. I go camping with myt uncle a lot, one time we had to sleep under a tarp because our buddy forgot to bring the tent but it was a blast. I also love offroading, we have a Honda fourtrax 300 that i love to ride behind our house, there is a lot of land inside a park were i ride. I recently bought my uncles 94 Jeep Cherokee that i plan on jacking up and rednecking it out lol. I do plan on giong to college to get my A&P mechanics license to work on planes and also train for my pilots license and get a few ratings while in college.



Here is a list of my closest friends:  Nichole, Kerry, Michael, Joanna, Terry, Phil, Tom, Evan, Justin, David, Kristen

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